So many of us need help in so many ways.  Me first.   So, the whole family is in TF Green Airport in Providence, Rhode Island headed back to Orlando.  Been in New England  for a week.  A family wedding.  A family cancer visitation.  A 6 year old young girl with cancer visit trip. One of those tough weeks in ministry looking at the misery Satan had caused.  My youngest daughter is an extremely outgoing person.  She can engage anyone….well, like my wife.  So, my daughter is in line waiting to board Southwest and there is an older lady, maybe 70 years old standing nearby.  The lady looked distressed.  My  daughter says hello and then just asks the lady why she is going to Orlando.  This is a dangerous question because I just want to get on the flight and get home.

This older New England woman is traveling to Orlando to visit her brother who recently had a heart attack……  Life can be pretty tough sometimes.  The prognosis for the brother was not good.  I tried to disengage myself,  but my daughter would have nothing to do with that.  She asked the woman if we could pray for her there in line in the airport.  So, guess what we did…..?

You would have thought it was a “scene” but what it really was, well,  a wonderful time of sharing, praying and just feeding into a woman who wanted to be ministered to.  You ever needed help?  The Holy Spirit filled the area…..and it was a sweet time.  The scriptures say that we should be ready in season and out of season.… the airport and out of the airport. (ok I added this) My daughter began to quote Isaiah on being healed.  You see, God wants us to minister to each other. Engage others as they need our help.  Ask the Holy Spirit to lead you to those that need help….they may be on your “list” or not.    Don’t miss an opportunity……. So, you ever needed help?  I have and do..



So me and my 5 year old son are fishing.  Of course, I am a fishing expert.  Especially in the company of a 5 year old young boy.  I mean, I have caught hundreds of fish, especially fresh water bass, and have a real good knowledge of how to do it, how to catch them, how to bring them onto shore….the whole deal.  And me and my 5  year old little son have been catching these bass from a lake in our neighborhood….on artificial lures….I want him to get this early in life….how to do it without a cork and live bait.

He has caught some fish….had some success…knows what the bite feels like and knows how to set the hook….but he is just learning and under my close tutelage.  I am showing him the ropes, step by step, technique by technique, special tactic by special tactic….lure by lure.  But…well, he likes his own lure selection…and often it is … well, wrong.  I want to make it right with him and basically tell him he can’t use that lure because it is the wrong one….but he likes it….so I let him.  He has some success….some failure.

It is the classic battle I have with God.  I seem to want to do it my way, to use my techniques, my lures, my way of thinking, my battles instead of just listening to God…..instead of just letting God tell me what to do and I do it,…..instead of just seeing that God has all the fish and I need to do it His way.

I want to try to get my son to do it my way….then  I think about me….how often I don’t just do it God’s way.  A classic battle between faith and works, between flesh and spirit, between trust and unbelief…  Just like I am doing now with the sickness of one of my daughters…and so much of my life..  I want to do it my way.

God help me to do it Your way.   Help me to help those around me to do it your way…    louie

 Tongues Finds Nadia

Ok.  You think I am a nut…but listen and watch the video closely. 

The rescuer says that praying in tongues …… in the spirit….. led him to Nadia.  That God led him to Nadia.

Jesus Christ said this.  If you do not believe what I say… then believe because of what you see….what I do…. my works..  This is recorded in John 10:37-38.  Jesus was saying this….. I can tell you that God told me and I can say it….just like this rescuer… James King…..  But words are hollow.  

James King said that God told him to pray in the spirit…in tongues…. he did it …  he believed…. he acted… he went out and found Nadia Bloom….. on the 4th day…..   same amount of time that Lazarus was in the grave…. another story for another day…. 4 days… 

I could go off here on so many teachings….and I want to ….

But listen to me.  God spoke to a man and his wife.  They listened.  They stepped out on what God told them to do…. went where God said….. saved Nadia.  Jesus says I come to save the lost.  Simple stuff.  Step out on what God says. 


Ever had that argument?  I heard that argument last week from a young woman that someone had told her she was not hearing from God.  The young woman said she was hearing from God to move to another town.  The other person questioned the move as not God.  I was ask my opinion…..a bad place to be sometimes.So I tell this woman….the rule I use.   (of course no one has crowned me keeper of wisdom so take this as you like….I am still trying)

If you feel God is calling you….you either find the guts to step out toward him or you do not.  If you find the guts to step out and follow….then you are being obedient.  Now, you may be missing the mark and it may not be God’s voice that  you are hearing.  It may be  your own wants.  I have made that mistake before.  And when I made that mistake before, is usually evident pretty early on and I reverse course. (if I am not too prideful and stubborn).

Second option is to believe you hear God’s voice……and you do not obey…..which is a nasty little term us puffy christians call disobedience.  God speaks and you don’t listen or obey.  That is usually evident pretty soon too….when you are out of God’s covering.  It is called disobedience.. Bad stuff really tends to happen there…. discontent, aggravation,….lack of peace.

So, this woman has a choice.  Do what she thinks God is telling her to do or not.  My vote is to do what she thinks God is telling her to do, despite the way others, including me, think.  If it is wrong….work on listening skills with God.  He will be there.  If it is right and it is God….then bingo…on the right path. 


My buddy that has been battling with and won over melanoma sent me this Soccer Saturday email….I missed soccer this Saturday and just went to the woods with my son to mess around….I share this email from him about soccer and life with you…..

Louie, You missed a great soccer game this morning.  Prior to the game starting I noticed the other team members seemed a bit taller and more mature than our team. Made me a bit worried! The other team was lined up in the center of the field for the kick off. Three up front in a straight row and two evenly spaced right behind them backing them up. They were all focused and alert at the start. No smiles on their faces only stern looks of winning on every player. 

Our team was not focused. They seemed to be distracted and acting up. Our team had smiles on their faces and wanted to have some fun. Jumping up and down a bit. Again I looked at the opposing team and they were looking at our team as if they were going to eat our lunch. Made me a bit worried! The other team members were very focused and when they had control of the ball they immediately were kicking it in the right direction. When our team had possession of the ball they had to be reminded a number of times which way the goal was and to “turn the ball around”. Made me a bit worried! As the game progressed our team kicked the ball in and got a goal. WOW! I was amazed. Not too much later our team again kicked the ball in and got a second goal. The opposing team didn’t score once. Not once the entire game!

Such a life lesson for me today. Being to serious and having the hard look doesn’t win the game. Having fun for these kids while learning a number of life lessons along the way is well worth “not being as polished” as another team. In the end our team not only won but they had a blast playing the game. Even if they were not too focused, at the right time they made the strategic kick and that was what counted. Made me a bit proud!  They were not intimidated at all by the stern faces and focused line ups. Our team just wanted to have some fun. This morning was a reminder to me that God wants us to enjoy life… and still win the game! We know in the end we win. The Bible tells us that. In life’s difficulties I can sometimes be too focused and lose the joy during the journey. My last four years have been a very hard journey but I have always had reminders like today that God still wants us to enjoy our lives. He gives us the joy if we are willing to receive it and hold on to it. You missed a great game! God Bless, Bro Brian.

God is awesome.  Just enjoy life today.  Just today…have fun…  louie

It happens even at 5 years old.  Raw Sin Exposed… 

It was a little late at night, my son is 5 and was tired….I was tired….my wife was tired…  When he did not get what he wanted….he began to become sarcastic with my wife…  We knew he was tired…we are experienced parents with a lot of kids, a lot of years, a lot of patience….but it was over the top the way he was acting.  I just pulled him aside….looked at him and told him, “I will not let you talk to your mother that way….it is wrong”. 

He began to cry.  I did not spank him, I did not grab him hard, I did not yell or scream at him.  I just exposed his sin.  It was even evident to  him…a 5  year old that his wrongs…his sin…raw sin was exposed. 

In the Garden of Eden,….they knew they had messed up.  They knew it was wrong.  They knew it was out-of-order.  Sin exposed…raw sin just made them feel naked….and they were.

My wife and I talked about Tyler after the incident and I could not help but reflect on how I feel when my raw sin is exposed,… my willful disobedience, my absolute disregard for God…..I feel naked, I  feel exposed….  I will sometimes get in my place of prayer and just cry to God to please understand, please don’t hold it against me….. He doesn’t. 

You see, our raw sin…we try to cover it up, like Adam and Eve in the Garden.  But what we do is insufficient.  God Himself covers us.  That is complete.  I am so glad He has it covered.  Because I don’t.  God has a lot of kids, a lot of years, a lot of patience.  When our raw sin is exposed….He loves us.  I am so glad. 


So, I am riding around with 2 of my 3 daughters today and they begin to ask me about dreams and God…..that God has spoken to them in dreams last night…….2 kids….in dreams….in one night….  What is up with that?  Can God speak in dreams….is this some weird mojo or something?  This is what they are asking me.

Acts 2:17 says that in the end times…..that sons and daughters shall prophesy and young men and old men will have visions and dreams… now I am not so hooked up to think that girls are not a part of this dream thing…..because I know that God will dispense gifts as He sees fit….and both of their dreams….or visions in the middle of the night deals with …….  those who do not know God.  My one daughter work me up at 430 am to tell me about it….it was awesome.  The other daughter said it was at 4am…but she did not wake me up…..her choice…they have access to me 24/7.

You see, God has been talking to us in dreams for a long is like all over the bible…and I have been having  dreams and God has been speaking to me …when I pay attention.  I will bet that you have had some dreams and wondered if this was some sort of weirdo vision or if you had pizza before bed. 

God is all over dreams in the bible.  He is all in them….all over the place.  Some have obeyed and listened….others have not…..

What I would say to you now….in these end times….is this…..are you having dreams… God speaking to you…..?  I have had 2 people bring me dreams they have  had….they have written them down….I would say to you tonight…in a word of knowledge…that God has been speaking to you about your life in dreams…. share them with me if  you have the guts and get this out for the body of Christ.  It is not pizza before bed but the living spirit of God….you had this stuff happen to  you?  Tell us.


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