Now a certain man was sick, named Lazarus.  This is in John 11. (the whole story here if you get time).

Guess it is not enough to have a buddy named Jesus to keep you out of trouble.  This guy was sick….he was a buddy of Jesus.  This shoots a hole in the friend of Jesus never gets sick theory.  As a matter of fact,….this cat Lazarus ended up dead. 

The scriptures are clear that Jesus loved Lazarus.  The scriptures are clear that Lazarus died….at least twice….   It is funny sometimes how God works. 

Lazarus was sick and died…..  His death was a shock to all those around him, and all those that knew that Jesus was his friend.  They wanted Jesus to stop the bleeding, to end the pain, to reverse what had happened….to do the ….well, the natural thing….heal folks…and he did, once. 

I have some family members,…a recently added 15 year old daughter,…that has some bad health news…. to go along with her mother….that has some bad health news… But God has given us peace…..just like my buddy Brian has peace.   

I know how Satan works…..fear…..but I also know how God works….peace.  He is faithful.  He is just a comforting God.  You see, even the friend of Jesus,…his buddy….got sick.  But God does not see an end there.  He sees a rising, a resurrection….he sees a beginning where others see an end.    Me too.

God is so cool.