So, I am in McDonald’s on Saturday morning with my buddy Ellis.  He has his kid, I have 2 of mine and my grandson.  Me and Ellis are having coffee and our kids, along with about a dozen more, are playing in the playland tubes in the play section.  A great Saturday morning!!

After about an hour, this 4 year old kid comes running out of the tubes crying to his mother (right behind me) and is one of those whiner kids.   You know the type…. So,  Me and Ellis’ group of kids come out and stand and watch the whiner kid.  It is obviously one of those playground hurt feeling moments……(I have been a dad now about 30 years) so I tell our group to apologize to the young boy even though I do not know the circumstances….just tell the  younger kid you are sorry….. but….the mom won’t have anything to do with that.  She lashes out at the kids for not “watching out for  her 4 year old” then lashes out at my 12 year old.  Then she focuses on me……

Begins to tell me that I am not much of a dad…..that I should not let my kids watch COPS because they are acting out on her son..(they were playing cops and robbers)…..she was like pointing the finger at me,…raised voice….you know the defensive mom thing….and all eyes are on me….

I tell her I am still working on being a dad….despite the fact I wanted to tell her to separate herself from the sausage, egg and cheese biscuit and hash browns….and pay attention to her immature son in a big playground with bigger kids……I just said I will work on it…..

My daughter later said….dad, a soft answer turns away wrath……I did not think of it at the time…..I just wanted to be a good person and example.

Mickie Dees…..lady jumped me on a Saturday…..whew.