Basically, Swerve leadership is Louie and Tracey Mercer.  God has really changed my life, so much so, I can not even believe it myself sometimes.  We have been married for over 20 years.  We have 3 daughters and one son.  We are just blessed.

We are members  of and under the covering of The Living Cornerstone Church, located at the same place that Swerve is held, 1835 Taylor Road, in Port Orange, Florida.  The Senior Pastors are Howard and Ramona Chadwick.   They have been in full time ministry for over 25 years and are the best pastors we have ever been associated with, ever, period.   We operate under their covering and that of our host church, Christian International.   Louie and Tracey are ordained pastors through The Living Cornerstone Church.  Louie is also ordained through International Seminary in Orlando, Florida.  Tracey has completed ordinational studies through International Seminary also.

We are involved in many ministries at TLC.  Tracey is the Director of the TLC Kids Care, Learning Center, a certified pre-school ministry at TLC.  There are approximately 180 children at TLC Kids Care Learning Center, a newly constructed approximately 9000 square foot state of the art pre-school building.  Tracey and Louie are the Youth/Associate Pastors.

We believe in the bible, the death, resurrection and substitutionary work of Jesus Christ.  We believe that all the church is a place for us to gather and learn about Jesus and each other.  We hope  you will give Swerve a try.

Pastors Louie and Tracey Mercer


6 Responses to “Swerve Leadership”

  1. Brenda Gaumer Archambault Says:

    Hi Louie,
    I remember you from Community Memorial Church where I was a member and your former girlfriend, Debbie Herr played the organ under the direction of Pastor Hubbard. My brother, Brett Gaumer also went to high school with you. Your mom was my 6th grade teacher at BES and Mr. Mercer was the postmaster in Bunnell. I also knew your sister Martha because I was close friends with Beth Boheim. I just found this website because of Rocky and Anna’s obituary and website. Your story about Rocky was a beautiful one and I’m so glad you have become a pastor, it is surely your calling, I thought it was when you were young, too. Maybe we will visit your church someday, my new husband and I still attend Community Memorial Church in Flagler Beach, but we like to visit other places of worship every so often. Just wanted to let you know that your story touched me and that Rocky and Anna’s death will not be in vain even though it seems that way – I believe people will be saved and come to know Jesus from all of this. Have a good day and good luck in your ministry.

    Brenda Gaumer Archambault

  2. swervechurch Says:

    Nice to hear from you. God has had a call on my life since Pastor Hubbard told me when I was a young child. Please come join me at swervechurch on the 8th of november at 6pm.

  3. B Says:

    Beautiful tribute to Rocky and Anna. The part that hit home with me, when Rocky saw you he treated you like you were the most important person in the world and he was so glad to see you. It was my pleasure to have know Anna & Rocky and I will miss them.

    FYI, Red Neck is a term derived from Virginia Coal Miners many years ago. When the Coal Miners Union was organized and expanding they would wear red bandanas around their neck to let other cold miners know they were in the union and that they were honest, hard-working and proud. So it was a great honor to be called a Red Neck.

  4. john ladwig Says:

    Hey Louie, I was talking to Tony Parrish and he told me about this site, very cool! I’ll be home at Christmas, you still at the college? I’ll try and stop by say hello. Keep up the good work brother.

  5. steve thomas Says:


    Shouldn’t surprise me that you are so deeply involved in a ministry such as this. Your devotion to Christ has been evident since our early days as friends. Thanks for inviting me to visit this site. I wish you and Tracey all of the best.


  6. Thelma Ducharme Says:

    Greetings Pastors Louie and Tracey, So glad you all are pastors and working with our dear friends, the Chadwicks. You are right that they are the best pastors ever! Lee and I have not been under any as loving, caring, and helpful as they are. We are back in DeBary after a year in NC, and enjoying Beachside church in Ormond each week with daughter, Suzy and grandchildren. Our best wishes and love to both of you.

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