So, I am riding around with 2 of my 3 daughters today and they begin to ask me about dreams and God…..that God has spoken to them in dreams last night…….2 kids….in dreams….in one night….  What is up with that?  Can God speak in dreams….is this some weird mojo or something?  This is what they are asking me.

Acts 2:17 says that in the end times…..that sons and daughters shall prophesy and young men and old men will have visions and dreams… now I am not so hooked up to think that girls are not a part of this dream thing…..because I know that God will dispense gifts as He sees fit….and both of their dreams….or visions in the middle of the night deals with …….  those who do not know God.  My one daughter work me up at 430 am to tell me about it….it was awesome.  The other daughter said it was at 4am…but she did not wake me up…..her choice…they have access to me 24/7.

You see, God has been talking to us in dreams for a long is like all over the bible…and I have been having  dreams and God has been speaking to me …when I pay attention.  I will bet that you have had some dreams and wondered if this was some sort of weirdo vision or if you had pizza before bed. 

God is all over dreams in the bible.  He is all in them….all over the place.  Some have obeyed and listened….others have not…..

What I would say to you now….in these end times….is this…..are you having dreams… God speaking to you…..?  I have had 2 people bring me dreams they have  had….they have written them down….I would say to you tonight…in a word of knowledge…that God has been speaking to you about your life in dreams…. share them with me if  you have the guts and get this out for the body of Christ.  It is not pizza before bed but the living spirit of God….you had this stuff happen to  you?  Tell us.