So this buddy of mine for 25 years, he was a narc and deep undercover….comes to me after many years.  Once you are a cop and much less, manage narcs,…..they are a strange group.  But this guy was as good as gold.  He had the gift of gab,…was just a pristine guy and knew his stuff…great teacher and fantastic cop.  I am out of the business now, but was a cop for over 20 years….managed a lot of functions in a big police agency in Florida.  Then God just turned my life upside down.  And my cop buddies….worked with me and for me,….did not know how to handle the new person I am.

He hears I gave my life radically to God….comes to me and talks for 45 minutes…..wears me down (a cop interview technique) and asks me if I am a preacher and know God now……  OK.  I have grown to know that this is one of those times for God.

His wife has cancer….he needs prayer…..I know him…he knows me…..this is the way God works!!

His wife went through hell with kemo and radiation.  I can’t imagine.  But I know that God is bigger than cancer.

Look….if a friend of yours needs prayer…..stop what you are doing….don’t worry about what you used to be….your old reputation….your old self…just pray for them and pray …. you…  against breast cancer.  It might be  bad…. but God is over and above this…..  He is able to do more than we can do….  Trust Him.

My buddy called me today…..well, texted me….  His wife’s cancer is now gone.   Could be kemo…no doubt… prayer don’t hurt.  Give it a try.   Spread Hope.  It never hurts.


No,..I love my job….!!!!!

I got a call from a good friend who told me he was not happy in his job.  It had been a job he had always wanted and he was at the top of the organization.  But I had seen this coming for a long time.  He is a person that I regularly pray for and seek guidance from the Lord for this man.  God had already shown me about his situation….and I began to laugh over the phone.  He thought I was crazy….but I had seen and began to tell him what God had been sharing with me about him.  It was that he was not happy and that  God had a position for him… 2 months.

OK.  I am not some mystic or a prophet….but….when I take time to listen and when I earnestly pray about situations…(which is not often enough)…God speaks to me….or maybe it is that I listen more…  And God had been speaking to me about this man.  And when I told this man, that in 2 months God would place him somewhere,….in the midst of double-digit unemployment….(which is what I was hearing from God…)…well, I told him.  And we prayed over the phone about this situation.

That was in mid January…..I got a call from him the other day…mid March…. He has a new job.

God reveals thing to all of us as we seek Him.  I have always wanted the “things” to be about “me”.  Sometimes it does not work like that.  Seek God so that you might find him.  Scriptures say let the heart of those rejoice or be happy when they seek Him. 


We were in the Carolinas for the last week.  We had a good time but it was cold.  I was out of blackberry contact and I took a special air card and wireless antenna so that I could be  hooked up and not miss anything.  The blackberry did not work good and the air card and antenna did not work.  So rather than do blogs, check up on the blogosphere and keep current on the news…. I watched the kids tubing on ice, fed ducks, play in the snow and we just messed around.  And I got a chance to really just not be distracted by the phone and email and seek God. 

Mark 1:35 talks about Jesus getting up early in the morning and going to a solitary place to pray.  I guess that Jesus turned off his blackberry, his Iphone, his email, his blogs, his tweets, his facebook ….. and I can’t see him having a myspace…but he got away from it all to pray. 

You see, I knew that I could not get wired up… matter how much I tried….and I really did the first few days.  But despite how hard I tried….I was just unplugged.  Nancy mentioned it in the response to a previous post.  And  yes, God had been telling me to unplug.  Jesus did it.  As I did it, ….. it was refreshing.  Like a good fast.  Like a great hot shower….

I am not a new year’s resolution person but God is speaking to me about unhooking more and getting up early to seek  him and to pray.

Good to be back.  louie


So, Swine Flu is being given almost historic notoriety.  A pandemic.  Swine Flu is present in Mexico and especially in Mexico City.  When  you read the alerts, the papers, the news….it can cause some anxiety.  I am preparing to travel to Los Angels this week and see that there are cases in California. 

I have had friends call me up and joke with me about it but then some serious friends that are really concerned.  They want me to wear a mask, to cancel my trip, to “really think about it”.  I have.  I am on a plane Thursday morning early. 

The bible deals with anxiety like this.  It says in Philippians 4:6 to be anxious for nothing but in everything, with prayer and thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God.  And the peace that passes all understanding will guard or protect your  heart and mind  in Christ Jesus.

Swine Flu is just one more thing to worry about,…behind the economy, behind a nuclear Iran, behind the stock market, behind your health, behind the next Virginia Tech, behind the next car jacking in your neighborhood, behind your job….. the list goes on and on. 

The bible teaches about not being anxious.  Try, just try to give thanks in all of this mess and let your requests be made known… God. 



I posted a couple of days ago on Bernie Madoff, With God All Things Are Possible,..but I just had to come back to this….because with man…..this is impossible….so I wanted to just post about this in my life.

In about 2001, God began to speak to me about being in debt.  Now, we were not upside down at all.  We had a nice house in a gated community that we dearly loved.  We had a couple of vehicles that we were well in line with value and debt ratio.  But God was speaking to me about getting out of debt.   Now, he was not speaking to my wife….but I began to pray about this and wanted to see if God would speak to her too……and after some time He did.

We put our house up for sale….in faith….got our asking price……after some time……found a builder that built our current house…..for the amount of money we had…cash.  When we move in….I sat in the house the day after we moved in…looked around and realized that our house was paid for…….  We followed suit with our credit card….we only had really one card….and we paid it off…..then we had two vehicles….paid off one…..and now the other is left with a very minor balance….and we controlled our spending…..just put a cap on it….

I would have never felt that this was possible… but we found what God was saying to us….me first..then my wife…..and we just sort of trusted Him to work it out….and He did….  We are now able to give so much more to so many different thing that need giving…   We were able to move her mother into the house….she is now gone ( 🙂  ) and we ended up adopting a  young boy that we never could have done if we were burdened with debt.

Y0u see,…with man, our power, our intellect, our ideas, our means…..this is impossible…. but with God….all things are possible.  We may not have the cash that my friend Bernie has….. but we surely do not have the problems.

cool…  louie


Jimmy was a homeless guy that I spoke about in a previous post.  He gave his life to Christ a couple of weeks ago.  After Jimmy’s salvation, he asked me to pray for him.  He wanted a job, he wanted to be productive but he had no education and no phone and no address.  We went outside away from the crowd inside and we prayed.  As I was praying for Jimmy, the Lord gave me a word for Jimmy. 

Jimmy had  made a radical change in his life to come to know Jesus.  It was as if Jesus said that I have been waiting for you and I have a job for you.  I was hesitant, as I am when I feel the urging from the Lord, as I learn more and more to listen to Him and hear what He has to say to me.  I want to make sure it is God and not me.  I could feel the urging of the Holy Spirit telling me about a job for this homeless, uneducated, no address, no phone number guy……..and it was a clear voice…  “Jimmy, I have a job for you.  You have labored by yourself…without me…but now, rest now in Me and I will bring this job to pass… 14 days..”  So I told Jimmy this……I know…….you probably think this is mumbo jumbo…..that there are a lot of Christians without jobs today.  I know this.

I got a call this morning on the way to church from my buddy Mike Ellis’ cell phone.  Seemed strange…..but Jimmy was on the phone.  Mike let him call me and tell me about the job he had, the place to stay he had and the food he had.  Jimmy is now going to church with my buddy Mike at Port Orange First United Methodist, ……  they have a homeless ministry… turn around folks like Jimmy. 

cool stuff.   Jimmy Page 2.  God is awesome.

louie @

Jesus taught a lot on prayer and he practiced prayer a lot.  Yes, he did teach us the “big” prayer that we know as The Lord’s Prayer…but he did go into a sort of process on how to pray.  It is what I would call an active way to pray…..and he lays out a  process.  Check this out. 

Now, this was just after Jesus was praying and his disciples asked him, “how to pray” and then Jesus went off on the Lord’s Prayer.  Then, just as Jesus would often do,….after he told them something to teach them, he would give an example.   Jesus then went into an example of this person that needed some bread….but it was in the middle of the night.  So the person in need goes to a friend and asks for it…in the middle of the night….and the person getting awaken (sleepy head) does not like it.  But the bread needer (get it needer,…kneader?) anyway,…the bread needer keeps asking.  Sleepy head realizes bread needer won’t give up so sleepy head gets up and gives bread needer the bread.  Then Jesus gets to the process. Luke 11:9, Jesus says this, “So, I say to you: Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened for you.” 

Ask…..Seek…..Knock…..   I am good at the asking.  I have that pretty well down.  Don’t know about you but the asking comes naturally for me, and sometimes for things that as I look back are sort of shallow.  I always want…and sometimes it is connected to God.  But when I really am praying for God’s will and God’s intervention…..I usually find that God is already working to get things done…I just need to start seeking or looking.  Ask, seek……there is an expectation connected to these two words…ask, seek….faith….  Faith joins the asking and then the looking or seeking what I am asking for….then knock….  Going through the door that God has already prepared. 

When you pray……begin looking, seeking for the things  you have prayed for and begin looking for the places that God is already working.  God is ahead of us working these things out.  As you see what God is doing….knock on the door.  He is waiting for us.