My buddy that has been battling with and won over melanoma sent me this Soccer Saturday email….I missed soccer this Saturday and just went to the woods with my son to mess around….I share this email from him about soccer and life with you…..

Louie, You missed a great soccer game this morning.  Prior to the game starting I noticed the other team members seemed a bit taller and more mature than our team. Made me a bit worried! The other team was lined up in the center of the field for the kick off. Three up front in a straight row and two evenly spaced right behind them backing them up. They were all focused and alert at the start. No smiles on their faces only stern looks of winning on every player. 

Our team was not focused. They seemed to be distracted and acting up. Our team had smiles on their faces and wanted to have some fun. Jumping up and down a bit. Again I looked at the opposing team and they were looking at our team as if they were going to eat our lunch. Made me a bit worried! The other team members were very focused and when they had control of the ball they immediately were kicking it in the right direction. When our team had possession of the ball they had to be reminded a number of times which way the goal was and to “turn the ball around”. Made me a bit worried! As the game progressed our team kicked the ball in and got a goal. WOW! I was amazed. Not too much later our team again kicked the ball in and got a second goal. The opposing team didn’t score once. Not once the entire game!

Such a life lesson for me today. Being to serious and having the hard look doesn’t win the game. Having fun for these kids while learning a number of life lessons along the way is well worth “not being as polished” as another team. In the end our team not only won but they had a blast playing the game. Even if they were not too focused, at the right time they made the strategic kick and that was what counted. Made me a bit proud!  They were not intimidated at all by the stern faces and focused line ups. Our team just wanted to have some fun. This morning was a reminder to me that God wants us to enjoy life… and still win the game! We know in the end we win. The Bible tells us that. In life’s difficulties I can sometimes be too focused and lose the joy during the journey. My last four years have been a very hard journey but I have always had reminders like today that God still wants us to enjoy our lives. He gives us the joy if we are willing to receive it and hold on to it. You missed a great game! God Bless, Bro Brian.

God is awesome.  Just enjoy life today.  Just today…have fun…  louie