That is what I had tonight.   An eye opener….but no surprise….because it is in the bible.  15 year olds can  come up with some duzzies….but so can God.

My 15 year old was talking about this girl she knows that is….bi-sexual.  Some friends of my daughter were over tonight and this was their conversation.    I know I can’t tag this post as bi-sexual because of the filters….but my daughter was telling me about this girl she knew that was bi-sexual and what did the bible have to say about it….

Romans 1:26 talks about it and it goes on….it says that because people knew God but did not glorify him, that he gave them over to their own lusts…(I have a bunch of them….lusts and if I am not careful…God will give me over to them…).  The Bible says that women exchanged natural relations for unnatural ones…..and that men abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another.   (I looked for those notes that said that this was not included in the “original text”…but it was).

My 15 year old came to the conclusion that the Bible is a pretty relevant thing for today…..that this stuff in Romans 1 is what is happening today.  Well, I happen to agree with  her. 

What does this have to do with you today?  Women and men having sexual relations with each other.  It just points to a depraved world.  A depraved people…..and I am one of them….a depraved point of view.

Satan wants our families to fail, to deteriorate, to fall apart.  The Bible is relevant for today.  Please just read this stuff in Romans 1 and see for yourself if it is not what is occurring today.

And if you think I am bashing homesexuals…..wrong again…..I have enough sin in my life to last….well, a lifetime…so I will bash a lot of other things…like the sin in my life….before I jump on any one thing.  I was just talking with my 15 year old.