Ever had that argument?  I heard that argument last week from a young woman that someone had told her she was not hearing from God.  The young woman said she was hearing from God to move to another town.  The other person questioned the move as not God.  I was ask my opinion…..a bad place to be sometimes.So I tell this woman….the rule I use.   (of course no one has crowned me keeper of wisdom so take this as you like….I am still trying)

If you feel God is calling you….you either find the guts to step out toward him or you do not.  If you find the guts to step out and follow….then you are being obedient.  Now, you may be missing the mark and it may not be God’s voice that  you are hearing.  It may be  your own wants.  I have made that mistake before.  And when I made that mistake before,  ..it is usually evident pretty early on and I reverse course. (if I am not too prideful and stubborn).

Second option is to believe you hear God’s voice……and you do not obey…..which is a nasty little term us puffy christians call disobedience.  God speaks and you don’t listen or obey.  That is usually evident pretty soon too….when you are out of God’s covering.  It is called disobedience.. Bad stuff really tends to happen there…. discontent, aggravation,….lack of peace.

So, this woman has a choice.  Do what she thinks God is telling her to do or not.  My vote is to do what she thinks God is telling her to do, despite the way others, including me, think.  If it is wrong….work on listening skills with God.  He will be there.  If it is right and it is God….then bingo…on the right path.