The Boogie Man…..that person under the bed…..that thing that will eat you alive….that bad thing that will dismember you……      I have never seen it but I am sure it is deadly.  That is what melanoma is and especially Stage 4…where it has spread from the skin, through the lymph nodes into organs.  The Boogie Man.

I have never seen melanoma……I was a motor cop for over 14 years  (22 years in the job total) and in the sun in Daytona Beach, on the beach on a motorcycle as well as all over the city in a short-sleeved shirt in my early life….before sun screen was known as necessary. 

A very close and good friend has stage 4 melanoma.  I do not know what it looks like but it looks in my mind….. like the boogie man.  This guy is one of the strongest men in the Lord I have ever met.  Full of faith, full of love and a prophet….so much so that when he speaks….I can actually see in my mind what he is saying. 

He told me today that God will heal him.  I was sick one time.  The doctors thought I had leukemia.  I just could not see myself as being dead.  My wife and I prayed about it,….they got into my bone marrow and my liver and ….. well, I did not have it.  My friend does have this advanced stage of melanoma.  He does not see himself as dead….nor does his wife….and I don’t either.

You want something today to be grateful about… glad you are not in my friend’s predicament…..  He said his steps are being ordered of the Lord.  I believe him.  On this Monday….curse melonama in my friend in the name of Jesus of Nazareth.  Join us today in believing with him that he is healed through the stripes of Jesus. 

Oh,…. You are too by the way….  Saved, healed, delivered….Just complete. 

Tell me about it.