So, I am in the Christian Book Store….and of course, all the folks look “churchy” ….they have their cross necklaces, have ties on, have the bible look…..and I am in there getting a video.

This guy comes in with a rushed look on his face and obviously out of place and uncomfortable.  Like the guys feel when their wives want them to go to Target and get them a fresh pack of kotex or worse yet,…tampons.  This guy was a fish out of water and it was all over his face.  He asked real quickly…where are the shirts….like he was an escaped convict and needed a change of clothes…..he saw the shirts and grabbed a red shirt…..and got to the counter.

He said that he had to have a passport photo for a job as a security guard and that his white t-shirt was prohibited…he needed red or blue and this job depended on it.  So, he grabs a t-shirt that says on it….only….Jeremiah 29:11….just the verse number….nothing else. 

So, he is in this Christian Book Store,….fish out of water,….needing a job….extremely uncomfortable in his surroundings… and this shirt is what he needs to help him get a job….  then he asks me….. hey, what does this mean, this Jeremiah 29:11?  I told him it meant that God had a plan for his life….a plan to prosper him.  He said, “cool, I need that.”  I told him that he would be wrapped in God’s word when he took the photo for the job. 

You see,…even when we don’t know what God’s word means….it has meaning.  Even  when we are not searching for God…he is searching for us.  Even when we don’t know that God has a plan for our lives, …. a plan to prosper us, a plan for a hope and for a future…..He is still working….

 God has a plan for us…..even when or if we don’t know it.  It may even be in a red shirt.