I have this guy at work that is a tech type.  Really a good teacher, really a smart person, can see processes, can see technological answers to problems and wants to share it with everyone.  My belief is that he really really does.

Problem is,…not everyone can adapt to technology at the same pace.  My parents have a cordless phone at their home and they think that is cool.  I want to share stuff wirelessly with my daughter on our Macbooks.  I think that is cool.  I am still behind too.

So, this guy at work has some good ideas but some of my folks are not budging.  They are not ready for it yet.  They like it their way, and they have been quite successful doing it their way…I would say very successful.  But my buddy is frustrated…and me, the boss, is in the middle of someone with the light and others that have the light too,….just a different light.  My buddy wants to bail out and not try to help them anymore…..”let them do it the Model T way if they want…but not me.”

Luke 11:33 talks about having a  light, having something that someone else does not have, having revelational knowledge or understanding, having insight that someone else does not have, having ability that someone else does not have…..and then not sharing it..or worse,…hiding it?  I told my buddy that he should continue to share what he sees, what he has, how it can be done….then I thought about me.

Jesus Christ has done so much in my life.  I am just a new person.  Then I got to thinking how much I shared what Jesus has done for me and my family, my outlook, my attitude, my disposition, my temper (still working on that), my selfishness, ….  I guess I should practice what I preach. 

Look, if Jesus has done something or is doing something in your life,….share it.  There are those around us,…maybe in our own family that need the light, that are surrounded by darkness, that are lonely and in need.   There are folks on the street that maybe just need a meal or a coke, I know they smell.  May be some folks at work that need a few minutes, I know they smell.  Share what you have, when you can, where you can.  put your light up on the table. 

My buddy is on the way to Saudi Arabia to set up a  remote web surveillance system for a prison.  Not the Model T way for sure.