This good buddy of mine sends me a message that he lost his job…..I mean this was a dream job managing hundreds of acres of land and a business in the Carolinas.  He sent me pictures of what he did and they are on my screen saver at work.  Just spectacular.  My heart ached for him.  And on top of that, he is the type of person you want working with and for you.  He and I worked together for 15 years or so.  He is (not was) a go to guy.  You can trust him.  Solid.  You would want to hire him!

But he is a changed man.  After he got this job,….he gave his life to Jesus Christ…..after that….he married a Godly woman….started going to church (not a requirement for anything…but a good thing I think) and he turned his life around.  I am proud of him.  And now,…after I get this word from him….I am still very proud of him….because he knows that God has him in his hands.  As I was praying about my friend the other night,….I saw God providing for him….I saw God has a plan for his life….a plan to prosper him (like he already has)  it is like God has already paid him up and has more for him. 

I do not know about your situation, about your job prospects, about your outlook… but my buddy in the Carolinas has God in his corner.  He has God in his heart.  I know that God has a plan, a purpose, a success for his life.  I know he has for you too.  God loves you more than anything else and wants the best for you.  As I do this entry, I see success more than my friend can imagine…..I see it for you and I see it for….me.

So, tonight….I speak encouragement into my friend.  I speak prosperity into him and his situation.   I do the same for you,….and for me too.  God loves us.