Have you ever gotten sick because of something you ate?  I was at a seafood place one day, a place my wife and I really like to go,…right on the water.  I had some fried grouper.  I got sick that afternoon and it sort of hung with me for some time.  I sort of could not shake it.  It was literally almost a week before I got back in the swing.

Well, this spring, around March of 2010…..I got some bad stuff in my head.  Don’t know what happened….I just went into a funk.  Sort of like food poisoning.  I got sick.  I can’t really pin it down but I got depressed and disconnected and … well, just did not like things.  So I started to withdraw from….stuff.

Philippians 2:5 says to let the mind that is in Christ…be in you.  The mind that is in Christ is not a withdrawn or depressed mind.  It is a renewed mind.  The mind that is in Christ is a happy mind, a healed mind…not an alone mind.  Look, I think I am through this low spot….that just snuck up on me from out of the blue….or black.  But my word for you is that if you are depressed or just out of it….withdrawn……  Let the mind that is in Christ…..allow it…in you. 

Ok.  So, I got some dirty laundry out of the way.  Not proud of being out of it for a while….just glad it is out of me….sort of like food poisoning.