I was a young guy in Flagler County in southern Florida when I grew up.  Rebel Flags were …..well cool.  I went through school de-segration in the 60’s and I remember the fights and the dissension and the…..well…..division between black and white.  It was not pretty.  I was young and confused.  I did not understand the black vs. white thing. I was 8 years old.  I did not judge by color….yet… because many of my friends were….black and were white….  An old lady….Armeila Hall….a black lady was always at my house….and she was in charge until my parents came home at 5pm.

I am driving home tonight and on the road to our subdivision, and I am 55 years old,…I see a truck with a brand new Rebel Flag….Confederate Flag….the stars and bars…fresh…red and blue…13 stars…..2 bars….and I think of what it means to me now….  It is no longer cool.  It is no longer “southern pride” to me.  It speaks of  division.

Then I think of Jesus.  What would he want in my life….not yours….but mine….  Jesus wants unity in my life….Jesus wants to be all to all.  He wants us to love one another….despite our color, our differences,  out divisions.    This Rebel Flag….well, woke me up today.


An old song (like me) but a relevant message…it is at the end of this post if you want some old school mix….. I love it…

There are a lot of reasons or maybe excuses why we can’t be friends.  Most are just baseless.  The scriptures talk about us getting along.  Psalms 133:1says that it is good and pleasant when we can get along and live together in unity.  It specifically mentions the brethren…. the Christians…believers, church goers… folks… the dressed up, raising our hands, tongue talking or just bible believing folks….  Why can’t we be friends?   

The bible says that unity is the way of God.  Not my way, your way,….but God’s way….as based on our leaders.  The scriptures go on to say that it (unity) is like precious oil.    Well, we all know that oil is expensive but precious oil….well, it is really expensive.  So, the scriptures equate unity with the value of precious oil.  I would say that unity is important to God. 

So,….what is between me and you?  What is between you and God?  What is between us and our church leadership?  You might be thinking,….well, you are a preacher and this is self serving garbage..  But I struggle with this too!  I want to second guess things too, to question, to wonder why….and to not pray enough for my leadership….yes, I have leadership that I am ordained under. 

Why can’t we be friends?  It is us.  May we pray for each other and for unity in our churches.    And….if you want to chill with the 3 minute video on why can’t we be friends….just sit back and enjoy.