Fasting means to deny yourself of something.

I think of denying myself of anything and I get anxious or feel entitled.  That is me. I want what I want when I want.  I am selfish.

Our church and the churches in our area are doing a fast the next 21 days. This is an awesome opportunity to grow closer to God. What you would fast is your choice. But fasting is talked about in Isaiah 58 and many other places in the scriptures.  Jesus said, in Matthew 6:15-17, when you fast.   All of this gives me pause to check myself.

I have fasted often… But not enough for me and not for the right reasons.



So, my buddy Mike Ellis sends me this email a few weeks ago.  It is about marriage.  It is this post from Perry Ellis about 5 questions a husband should ask his wife.  Check out the post.   

Well, I read through the 5 things and I did what any good husband would do…… I thought they were cute then I deleted the email.  Ellis is always messing with me and surely this is a joke.  I have a good marriage.  I am a good guy.  I don’t need this mumbo jumbo.   Especially from Ellis….what up with him?   And who does Perry Ellis think he is anyway?

This Sunday afternoon when all the kids were out, alseep, gone….. I dug up the oh man…the Holy Spirit was dealing with me… asked my wife the 5 questions.  Because, you see….I really do want to know.  I had a longing to really know……how she really felt.   Now, I did not used to want to know.  I just wanted my way.  And I would manipulate every thing in life, in work, in my family…to get my way.  God has just shaken me up, made me..less selfish and I have found that the more I give the more I receive. 

So, I asked her…and she was plenty able to answer the questions I asked.   She did not even have to think about them!!!

Looks like I have some work to do now….  25 years together is an accomplishment no doubt.  But I want 25 more.  So…I have some things to do…. like some imagination for  #2, then a little bit of work on #3,(this is the easy one) …..and some praying on #4….and….well,….some long term ideas on #5. 

The bible says in Mark 10 that husband and wife are one flesh.  I get what I want when I meet her needs.  I have to know her needs to meet them.  Once I meet them…. I get what I want.  It is easier being selfish, but I found that much of what she wanted…..I wanted.  Shazam.