So, my wife gets an IPhone 4. She does not know what she has. She had some sort if goofy flip type phone that texting was hard and did not show all of the message, did not get email, did not get internet, …. it was just like an old technology phone that was klunkier than an Edsel.  I hated it. We would laugh at it.   Me and the kids have macs.  All in.  But she resisted….until today.

Now, let me tell you this.  She does not know what she has.  She has an Iphone4 but does not know how to work it.  She does not know all it has to offer.  She does not know all that is is capable of.  She does not know all that it can do.  She does not know all that it was made to do.  She does not appreciate the power of it in a traffic jam to get around stuff.  She does not know the power it has to skype all over the world.  She does not know the power of money and purchasing it has.  She does not know …… well, the power and ability of all it was meant to be.  Then, I sit on the porch and think about me and God.

God has all this power, all this salvation, all this healing, all this provision, all this peace, all this love, all this joy, all this forgiveness, all this righteousness…… and I don’t just grab it!  Me!  I don’t access the application.  I don’t use it.  I don’t call on it.  I don’t just get into it and just soak in all that God has for me.  What am I thinking?  My wife has this powerful product and she got it because me and the girls have apple stuff and she sees it and says I want that too.

God has it, I want it too.  I think I can still learn from my wife.  God has all these applications for my life and I don’t know what I have.  I thought she did not know what she has… is really me.  God has it for me and you.


Dunamis…a fancy preacher word for power… is where we get the word dynamite.  That is what happened today with me…  A neat demonstration of God’s power….

I was coming out of my local State Farm office when I saw a young man with his hands full.   So I opened the door for him and said, God bless you.  He did not do like most people do and say…you too…or ignore me… rather he was …. well, dunamistically confrontational with a smile on his face..said….what did you say….are you a Christian?  God is so neat…. It was an inquisitive question….with power.

He has started a ministry in Cassadaga, FL.  The center of satanic spiritualism for 115 years.  Everett is a man with a purpose.  To confront Satan on his turf.  This takes guts.  Dunamis Community and Outreach Ministries…Just hitting Satan where it hurts. 

Jeremiah did this.  This prophet spoke against false religion.  That is what my brother, Everett is doing.  And he will succeed.  He has the …well, dynamite of God on his side.  He will confront Cassadaga.  I  bless him. 

There are a lot of people who do church on Sunday or whatever day you go to church…..and they do it IN church.  Me too!  But Everett is doing it in Satan’s backyard.  One of two places around that is a wooo Satanic place.

Blessings my brother.



That is what I got sometimes when growing up.  How about you?  I thought it was sort of lame when I was young but the older I got,….the more I realized that mom and dad did not want to have to debate with me about certain things.  They said it…… and it was as they said.  Well……like…..”don’t play with those matches”….I remember that I had a gas can….matches….and…well, the rest is history.  It was,…..”be careful with that table saw…it can hurt  you”…… 20 stitches later….  They were right….because they said so.  They had been there!  They had experienced it!

Those were warnings. On the positive side of the ledger…. Mom and Dad also told me that I could do anything I wanted to do.  They told me that I could become anything I wanted to become.  They said that I could accomplish anything I wanted to accomplish….they said that if I followed God, He would guide me and direct me…..because they said so.  They had experienced it!

Jesus told his disciples….and by extension, us, to heal the sick, cast out demons, preach the gospel.  Because he said so.  He meant it.  He had experienced it!   He gave us power and authority to accomplish this.  He did it with the apostles, with the 72 and then with any that believe……..

Are there areas of your life where things are a little sticky, a little gooey, a little, well, messed up?   God wants you to be victorious.  He wants you to overcome “stuff’ in your lives…and me in my life.  It is simple.   Ask God, He will speak to you, He probably already is… and then believe.   

Walk in the victory God has for your life.  This Monday morning…..this week, know that God loves you.  Because He Said So!


heat lightning

In Luke 9, Jesus called His disciples together and gave them Power and Authority.  He told them… to Just Do It. 

I have just spent the last 1.5 hours, with my youngest adventurist daughter, Emily, sitting on my back porch watching a wonderful lightning display and listening to the resulting thunder that comes with the lighting.  It has been awesome.  You can not help but thing of how big it is and how small we are. 

Emily and I sat there….in awe of what we were seeing.  It was one of those….I can not believe it is happening, nights.  And I thought of what I was going to blog about tonight… power and authority.  Then I thought about how cool God is.

Jesus gave his disciples,….power and authority.  He sent them out to….drive out all demons and to cure diseases,  and he sent them out to proclaim the kingdom of God and to heal the sick.

The  2 Greek words mean basically dynamite (power) and I can just say it and it is so…. (authority).  They are Power  and Authority

My brother Frank and I were talking today about what is God’s job and what is our job.  We have lead hundreds of people to Jesus Christ.  This is not bragadocious… just what God wants us to do.  If us Christians are not showing people the Lord…. then we are not doing what we should be doing. 

We have to be telling people about Jesus Christ.  When is the last time you have?  Been healing the sick?  I keep trying… not giving up yet… sometimes works….sometimes does not… still working on it….You?

Come join me and my  brother.  Come see us at Covenant on the 26th, Wednesday night, 7pm.   Got something for  you. 





So why do we …..well, not  just do it…?  Why do we NOT do what God is telling us to do.  Check out the link to the previous blog.   

I have over a hundred excuses why I do not …..  just do it.  Some are really cool…like I am praying about it.  I am waiting for God to speak to me about it. 

Others are crap.  Like….I don’t know if this is really God. (I mean He is slamming me in the face with it) or  I am looking for confirmation.   Don’t get churchy on me.  Hang with me please.

Now, this may not be you.  I am talking about me.

God gave the disciples in Luke 9 (in the first verse…power and authority).   Check these verses out.  Just read them.  I want you to think about them, the power and authority given the disciples and what is yours…. mine and yours. 

I am going to open up the scriptures to what God gave this group of rag tag folks….disciples…..unchurched…..uneducated……lower social class…..knuckleheads…….  and what he gives us… 

I am going to stop here.  Please follow the links.  Then hit this link.  See what a few old, bald, fat, jerks did through the…power and authority God gave. 

Hundreds of people changed…gave their lives to Jesus Christ. 

Hang with me on this…. this stuff…power and authority… is yours too.   Next time on Swervechurch.



This is totally cool.  A sonic boom.  Breaking the sound barrier.

Have you ever heard a jet break the sound barrier?  If you have not….well, it is out of this world neat.  Living in Florida, near the Kennedy Space Center, the Space Shuttle coming and going, you get to see the take off, which is neat, and you get to see it….or hear it come back in… the space shuttle with its classic…..  a double sonic boom. 

Noise, sound.  Just like the early church.  You see, in Acts 2 at the day of Pentecost, the scriptures talk about a sound that came from heaven.  It was the sound of a might rushing wind.  It may not have been a sonic boom,….but if you have never heard a sonic boom….well, … it is dynamic and goes to the core of your body.  I have heard many.  This is like the power of Jesus Christ.  He is powerful. 

People have compared the sound of a tornado to the sound of a frieght train.  Again, very powerful stuff that is associated with sound.  What I say to you tonight is this.  God is associated with sounds.  In Acts….it was the sound of a might rushing wind……may have been a sonic boom…..may have been a tornado.  But God is into sounds. 

Listen for God to speak to you.  He may do it in a small voice, or in a crash or boom or tornado…  But, God loves you and He is trying to communicate with you in so many different ways…. sound is one…His word is another.  I think I will show you about His word tomorrow and a certain group of people.