So here is at least one bump lesson.  The surgeon removes the bump.  A golf ball sized growth.  Not cancer.  It hurt for over 8 weeks.

The issue is not the bump.  It is my attitude of denial.  Guys suffer from this….well, at least I do.  So, I am in denial.  I needed help with this bump thing and just ignored it….for quite a few years it appears.

I seem to ignore or deny my irritation issues….(nice clean word for maybe anger or irritation).  I don’t exactly know what makes me aggravated sometimes, I just get that way.  Anxiety, well, again, I don’t know what makes me anxious sometimes, but I get that way.  Fearful,…sometimes I get fearful of how things are going to turn out…..but like all the other things,….I will often first deny it, …instead of really deeply seeking God on what I should do….

I am not sure what denial really looks like, but I think I may have some of it.

Scriptures say that Jesus will never leave us or forsake us.  They say that He will be with us always.  They say that He came  that we would have abundant life….  You know, I sometimes deny all of that too.  I am sure glad that God did not deny us.  My hope is that we will not deny what God has for us.  What He has done for us. What He wants for us.

He is really awesome.