So I have this bump on my hip.  Guys don’t really care too much about lumps, bumps or appearance too much,…especially when it doesn’t hurt or isn’t in the way.  But it sort of got bigger over the last few months.  My wife mentioned it and I ignored it.  That is often what I do when I don’t want to deal with something….I ignore it.  But when my 6 year old boy even notices it….and as it began to hurt….I showed it to my doctor.  He did the obligatory CT and sent me to an orthopedic surgeon since it was on my hip bone.  That guy met with me and wanted an MRI.  He said he may have to refer me to an Orthopedic Oncologist in Gainesville, Florida.  No matter what else he said…I sort of zoned out and that is all I heard.  Big man of faith huh?

The scriptures say I should not worry, the scriptures say that God does not give a spirit of fear,…easy stuff to preach but a quite a bit harder to live.  You ever been like that?  Say something but maybe can’t quite practice it like you want.  That was me these last few weeks.  This has given me some clarity as I have been specifically praying for and visiting 2 different people with cancer….and not to mention a really good friend that survived melanoma.

Practice what you preach…and me a preacher..    God promises to be with us always.  That is all that I could really understand.  I just sort of settled into that.  Really simple.  Not so profound that I had to know a bunch of doctrine or greek to know.  Just that God loves me and will be with  me.

The MRI results came back good.  Got to get the bump out and take a closer look.  I believe all will be well.  Preaching is easy.  Living it….well, lets just say I am still learning that.