A young man was in my office and saw the single wall that I display a shadow box with my father’s picture, his silver star, bronze star and combat infantryman badge.  Don’t get me wrong…..I love the silver and bronze star…..but the rifle with the cluster on the blue background…….the color of my wall…..that is cool.  The wall was designed just for this.  I am proud of my dad.

To get this…the person…(my father and many others)  had to have  … actively fought in active ground combat while assigned to the infantry.  Down and dirty.  In the trenches. 

The Psalter knew that God was with him and had subdued those in battle with him.    You see,….God knows the battle  you are in.  He knows what  you fight against.  He knows just how to subdue that which you struggle with.  God is with you and wants you to have a combat infantry badge.  But…well,…you will have to be in active ground combat……in the Lord’s army.

CIB.  louie