I was on a very long walk over the weekend in my neighborhood.  There has been this house in my neighborhood….well, many houses….all over…..in every town,….that are vacant due to foreclosure.  Some young working folks moved into this one house in my neighborhood.  They have been working on it really hard.  They are working folks….she is a medical person of some sort and he is in construction.  When I walk early in the mornings, I see them leaving for work.  They have a little girl and what looks like a grandfather living with them.  They have been working on this house for a month straight since they moved in.  I stopped as I was walking this weekend to tell them hello and praise them on what they have accomplished with the formerly run down….overgrown,….neglected house.

A neighbor saw me and after I left them and flagged me down.  She lives just across the street from this new family.  She asked me if I scolded them about the trucks, the lack of care and the unorganized look of the house.  She reminded me that these new folks were in violation of the homeowner’s association rules. 

I did not think of it that way.  I walk every day almost and have seen the progress they have made on the house.  I have seen the effort they have expended while both of them work all day, have a small child and an obvious grandparent living with them.  I have seen the paint, the drywall and the new curtains.  I just did not think about the outside appearance of the house, because I can tell…the family is working from the inside out…….just like me.

I asked the lady,….a retired, sits at home all day and looks at the house type person….if she would rather have the house vacant. 

Strange how we all view things differently.  I hope God still will work on me inside out…..rather than me being vacant.  God does not look on the outward appearance.  He looks at the heart.