You have issues?  I know a woman that realized she had issues….Yep…a woman.  It was a bloody mess.  Sort of a sensitive subject.  So what.

There was this woman who had what the KJV says is….and “issue of blood”.  She had it for 12 years.  So, you think you have issues…..this lady had issues.  Her battle is described in scriptures in Matthew and in Luke….but my favorite version is in Mark

She had battled this issue for 12 years and Mark says that she spent all she had on many doctors but it did not get better but worse.  You see, …  she battled for many years with this and went every doctor she could afford.  She went to every primary care, every specialist, got multiple opinions, spent all she had…..and then when there was no where else to turn…. she turned to Jesus.  Me too!  Well, I mean that I seem to want to try to figure it out myself before I head toward Jesus.

She had probably seen the large crowds in town before.  She had probably walked right by Jesus while on the way to the doctors….and just dismissed him as a nut case…..because that is what the religious leaders of the day said about him.  She had probably rode by  him on I-95 on the way to Mayo, I-4 to Nemours… when what she needed was right there…..and immenently interruptible. 

Now….do not take me wrong.  I love Mayo, Nemours, Arnold Palmer, Moffitt….all the doctors…. but sometimes you have to get to where  you just have issues enough that you turn to Jesus Christ.  I have been there myself.  I have searched the web on “issues” I have had….and seems like I turn to the Lord…..when I am a bloody mess.

Think you have issues?  I do!  She did!  You do too! 

She was healed…. I have been healed…. you too?