So, this woman is desperate….  she gets out of her comfort zone, out of her people, out of her church, out of her upbringing, out of her way of life and she begins to beg….   I mean, she is a Greek, she is educated, she is proper, she is not from the area,…..  she is used to getting it because of who she is…..  Maybe it is her color, maybe her race, maybe her social status, maybe her place in life, her pedigree.   But her daughter is sick and she hears about a healer.    The scriptures do not say it… but I do….  that she has tried everything (like another woman in the record…her next).  The last post shows that she was desperate. 

So now she goes to Jesus.  To the feet of Jesus.  Under the table.  Check this out.  She went to the floor.  She wanted the Bread of Life.  She went to the source…..and found that Jesus said that what he had…healing power….salvation….was for the people of Israel first…not her yet!  She was ok with it  because she had a revelation about Jesus Christ…the Bread of Life.  She had a revelation that whatever Jesus gave her was enough.  That revelation was this…….what is in the bread….is in the crumbs too. 

This woman knew that crumbs were enough.  She knew that what was in the bread….was in the crumbs.  She knew that if she only got a crumb…. that the crumb was enough. 

You need something from Jesus Christ?  Son or daughter, husband or wife, a sickness, money or a job..a house?  Get on the floor, do not depend on what you can do and ask God in the name of Jesus of Nazareth.  What is in the bread is in the crumbs….it is enough.