That is what I was tonight…a jerk…I was backing up in my truck and I almost hit a man walking through the parking lot.  I was wrong.  I was on my cell phone.  I was trying to coordinate a meal for a family in a nearby church that needed a meal due to medical reasons.  But I was distracted.  Then when I realized I almost hit the guy…he gave me this “look” and I gave it back and gave him the look of get out of my way…I am important….basically the screw you look. 

I was wrong and I was trying to justify in my mind that I was doing something good……and the fact that I was on my cell phone while in a parking lot (something I despise of others) did not matter at the moment.  I was doing God’s work!

Jesus spoke about that too….and as I drove away to get this meal situation settled…the Holy Spirit just began to speak to me about my offense to this man.  Jesus spoke about the religious folks of the time….doing God’s work and these religious folks were all about “God’s”  business, but did not love their fellow-man.  This is the way I felt.  I was doing God’s work, but I basically told this guy to get out of my way.  I am more important than you because of what I was doing.

I was ashamed of myself.  I stopped what I was doing….and after 10 minutes…went back to this shopping area…found this man……and apologized for what I had done.  I was a total jerk….eventhough I was doing God’s work.  I am glad he was there….he accepted my apology  as I had offended him.   Darn….it is tough backing up….and growing up.