No,..I love my job….!!!!!

I got a call from a good friend who told me he was not happy in his job.  It had been a job he had always wanted and he was at the top of the organization.  But I had seen this coming for a long time.  He is a person that I regularly pray for and seek guidance from the Lord for this man.  God had already shown me about his situation….and I began to laugh over the phone.  He thought I was crazy….but I had seen and began to tell him what God had been sharing with me about him.  It was that he was not happy and that  God had a position for him… 2 months.

OK.  I am not some mystic or a prophet….but….when I take time to listen and when I earnestly pray about situations…(which is not often enough)…God speaks to me….or maybe it is that I listen more…  And God had been speaking to me about this man.  And when I told this man, that in 2 months God would place him somewhere,….in the midst of double-digit unemployment….(which is what I was hearing from God…)…well, I told him.  And we prayed over the phone about this situation.

That was in mid January…..I got a call from him the other day…mid March…. He has a new job.

God reveals thing to all of us as we seek Him.  I have always wanted the “things” to be about “me”.  Sometimes it does not work like that.  Seek God so that you might find him.  Scriptures say let the heart of those rejoice or be happy when they seek Him.