So, my youngest of 3 daughters has these black converse shoes.  The low top version. Young or old…you know what I am talking about.   I had the high top version about 40 years ago. (she still does not believe me).  Mine got dirty but I never cared about it.  It was sort of like a worn leather jacket….more cool the older it is.  She does not see it that way and was on the big kitchen cabinet with this bleach spray stuff and a scrub sponge….getting off the dirt.  They are clean now….white tips and rim. 

I thought about how it did not matter to me what my shoes looked like….then…..but it does now……how I look on the outside means a lot to me now….and I work hard to get it all together.  How I dress, how I appear to others, how “together” I am. Then I thought about those dirty converse shoes.

When David was the youngest kid, being sought after to be the king, he was really out of the picture, he was the youngest of a bunch of kids,  big brothers… they all had “the look”, they were the choice picks….David, had the dirty sneakers. 

I have been cleaning my sneakers for years now.  Suit, job, pedigree, education, vocabulary, position, finances… has been only in the last few years that I have been paying more attention to the inside.  Man, I have some dirty converse sneakers but God does not care about that.  He cares about the heart.

It is ok to clean the converse sneakers….but work on the heart.  It is what God is really interested in.  I worry too much about the outside….God wants ….just us.