It was an unusual phone call.  My wife called on her cell to my cell and asked if I was in my office.  I was.  She said, I am in your parking lot at your work, I will be right in.  She had never done that.  After 20+ years of marriage,…I could sense it in her voice.   I knew it was odd….and wondered if it had anything to do with her doctor’s visit that day.  It did.

3 millimeters is small unless it is a spot on the base of your wife’s brain.  That is what the MRI found.  We were stunned and did not know what to think……but there was just this peace about it.  It is hard to describe.  That is the sort of peace that God is able to provide….even when the news is not always the best.  

Follow up tests… to process this….and God is saying to not worry.   

You have probably faced these sort of things before too.  You can’t keep it in and you talk to friends….and get every horror story that there can be….about what could happen. 

As parents, we had one chance to show our children how to react to bad news….and that was with peace.  That is what God wants…..he wants us to trust in him.

One week later….7 days, ….the number of perfection….Doctor today says that they will watch it….but does not appear to be a bad one.   Do nothing for now.  …..  God’s peace.   

God is not the author of confusion but of peace…..