That is what my 12 year old daughter Emily ask me tonight.  

We were pulling out of a mall and she saw a homeless man with a sign….. She told me that she felt a strong need to give him 20 dollars.  I only had 4o dollars…but I gave her the 20.  (My brother says that it is not if he should give… but how much…)

So, I turn around.  Give her the 20 spot and now she says, God is telling her to pray with him.  So, I pull over…stay in the truck and my daughter gets out and gives him the 20 and asks him if she can pray with him…….I began to weep as she prayed for his diabetes, his home situation and his life, his finances.

She got back in the truck….and said it is cold….can we take him to Mike Ellis’s homeless shelter.  …..  She wanted to give him a Bible, wanted to feed him and wanted me to call Mike.  The she said… this God talking to me?

If you feel the urge to serve others, if you feel the need to give, if you feel the need to feed others, if you feel the need to give of what you have…..It is God talking to you!  It is that simple.  It is not complicated.  God is talking to you.

I could quote you a bunch of bible here….I won’t do that.  I will just tell you this.  Answer the call of God when you see someone less fortunate than you.  It is God talking to you.