Dunamis…a fancy preacher word for power…..it is where we get the word dynamite.  That is what happened today with me…  A neat demonstration of God’s power….

I was coming out of my local State Farm office when I saw a young man with his hands full.   So I opened the door for him and said, God bless you.  He did not do like most people do and say…you too…or ignore me… rather he was …. well, dunamistically confrontational with a smile on his face..said….what did you say….are you a Christian?  God is so neat…. It was an inquisitive question….with power.

He has started a ministry in Cassadaga, FL.  The center of satanic spiritualism for 115 years.  Everett is a man with a purpose.  To confront Satan on his turf.  This takes guts.  Dunamis Community and Outreach Ministries…Just hitting Satan where it hurts. 

Jeremiah did this.  This prophet spoke against false religion.  That is what my brother, Everett is doing.  And he will succeed.  He has the …well, dynamite of God on his side.  He will confront Cassadaga.  I  bless him. 

There are a lot of people who do church on Sunday or whatever day you go to church…..and they do it IN church.  Me too!  But Everett is doing it in Satan’s backyard.  One of two places around that is a wooo Satanic place.

Blessings my brother.