We had Swervechurch this Saturday.  It was a Valentine’s Day sort of Swervechurch.  We had oldies music, that the young folks even knew, and a great crowd.  As usual we had (weather permitting…and it was here in Port Orange, Florida) a blow up obstacle course for the kids.  The kids were all over it.  And we had pizza….a lot of it.  A typical Swervechurch.  All in one  hour!

Well, we were into the message and had a video about forgiveness…..something we need in families and it was keyed upon here on Valentine’s Day….because we tend to hold offenses against our family the most and that is exactly what Satan wants…well, at least I do..  so I preach about stuff that I really screw up on all the time thinking everyone else does too!

So, I am teaching and see the pizza man hanging out in the back after he delivered a bunch of pizza….I know he is paid because my wife handles that and always tips them good because stats show that Christians are stingy tippers….so we really try to bless folks…(we even give away a 25 dollar gift card at each Swervechurch).

So, the pizza man is hanging around….talking with my wife as I am getting to the end and my wife hands him some paper…..

The Pizza Man….well, wants to know about God….about this Jesus that I am talking about…..about this forgiveness that I am telling everyone that is for them….but he has pies to deliver…and he leaves.

After it is over….my wife tells me about the Pizza Man wanting to know about Jesus…and she tells him about Him…and gives him our phone number on a napkin.

You see….God can meet us at any time, at any place,…. even the Pizza Man.  God cares about us all.

God is so cool.