My sister Becky sent me this short story on her grandson.  Talks alot about our lives.

My precious 3 year old Kaden…he will be the lesson teacher!

 He was being horrid the other day, running, screaming, carving his initials in the floor with a knife and Jessica was at wits end. She had sent him to his room and was in there scolding him.  He was paying no attention to the ranting when Jessica said, ” Kaden – are you listening” of course Kaden looked at her with a smile and just shrugged his shoulders. Jessica still exasperated said, “you need your listening ears on”.  Kaden looked confused so Jessica opened the closet door acted as if she were taking something out.  She turned to Kaden and put on his imaginary “listening” ears.  Jessica stepped back and said there!!! Now you have your listening ear on can you hear me now! Kaden looked around as if he were trying to hear something – looked at his mother – again shrugged his shoulders with that angelic smile and said, ” Dead Battery”

I was telling dad this story, when I finished we looked at each other and started laughing…we both said in unison…I wonder how many times God has been trying to tell us something and we said to him….DEAD BATTERY!!!  I have thought about this story many times over the last week.  I can close my eyes and see the scene playing out in my mind and his angelic face as he says DEAD BATTERY and it brings joy to my heart and while my eyes are closed I ask God to help me keep from having dead batteries!