I am at that precipitous place in my life where I am not wanting to change.  I am sort of in a groove in my life where sometimes, I just want to embrace the status quo.  But, I know, deep down, that the status quo is not the place to be.  I know that if I stay where I am….I am stagnant. 

I recently bought a Mac Book.  I am sick and tired of my windows based computer that gets slower each day……I have to constantly clean for viruses and have to all the time do a sweep….it is….well, status quo…and irritating. 

My blackberry and this whole RIM is aggravating me to no end too.  Down during Christmas…..go to the site and try to figure it out and obviously…they do not really want me to figure it out….so I uninstall and install my email accounts again and again…status quo.  I just want this stuff to work. 

So, I bought a Mac Book.  I am sort of playing with it…but it takes energy to get going in it and learn a new system….a new dock….different ways of doing stuff…trying to get e-sword on a mac….just challenging…not figured it out yet.

God has also been pressing me….out of my status quo….been pushing me to look at things a different way…. He has been wanting me to do some new stuff and I am not your spring chicken nor am I in my comfort zone when I am changing.  I like my old smelly, old way of doing things,.. my comfort zone.

2 Corinthians 5:17 says that if anyone is in Christ,..he is a new creation… this new means to refresh….to redo,….to be updated, to be different….it is a constantly changing thing….not necessarily an easy thing….it says that the old has passed away….it is …well stagnant…..God does not want stagnant…he wants fresh…like going from PC to Mac…at least for me.