That is what I saw as I walked by this building today….weeds in the gutter.  They looked like a hedge. 

These weeds were just piled up in the gutter and there was obviously dirt or just stuff in the gutter.  This stuff just piled up and was there for a long time ….. so long that weeds began to grow in the gutter.   I was amazed. 

Then I thought about all the stuff in my gutter.  Stuff that needed cleaning.  Stuff that had piled up.  Stuff that was there because of…..well….neglect.   Man oh man…I saw my life of stuff in the gutter that needed to be cleaned out, up, around….so that weeds did not begin to grow..

Unforgiveness, judgemental attitudes, bad habits,… not too clean thoughts, terrible perspectives, gunk.  This stuff has to go, has to be cleaned up, has to be scraped out.  If not, then I …. me….. you ….. get stuff in there that can allow weeds in our gutters. 

I want this stuff out.  Think I will start again today.  Paul says to be transformed by the renewing of your mind (Romans 12:2).  The word here to renew means to refurbish, like you would an old apartment.  Makes sense.  refurbish our mind…. our gutter, our mind.