I have not really known what to do.  I have had my rear end kicked all over the place the last 10 days.  I have had difficulty at work with an employee that I am not sure wants to be there.  And there are multiple processes to deal with as a result of this. 

 I have had a bunch of difficulty with a child that is working hard at school but we have been in disagreement.  It ended  up one night with a very unsatisfactory reaction by me (I lost my temper).  So I use unsatisfactory reaction to describe my utter failure as a dad and my extreme disappointment with myself as a result of my loss of control. 

 I have even had difficulty with an 83 year old dad that I really really have always had a great relationship with but I got rebuffed this last 10 days by him.   I am not sure who is wrong there but the older I get the more I realize it does not matter who is at fault….. that is really meaningless.  What matters is what happens and how I (I wanted to say we and include you in it) react.

So, I was at home tonight reflecting on my many failures and my many shortcomings as a boss, dad and son.  And of course, feeling sorry for mysel and just how crappy I am sometimes.   Then I had an occasion to talk to my buddy Pete. 

James 5:16 says that we should pray for one another.  Galatians 6:2 says that we should bear one another’s burdens.  Pete stopped what he was doing and said he was just going to pray with me and for me.  That is what he did.

It seems like I am always trying to minister to someone else, trying to share the Lord, trying to see how many folks I can lead to Christ….and then,….when I am just spent……I recluse and hide because I do not want anyone to see just how vulnerable I am.  I get in a hole and closely examine my failures.

Pete met me tonight in my vulnerability. ….  in my loss….in my failure…and just….well, prayed for me.  Pete is not a blog reader….(that is not a bad thing) and may never know how much he helped…. but he helped me tonight.

Thanks Pete.