Ever seen a pool of blood?  It can make you sick.  I usually associate blood with death.

I have seen piles of blood over the years…..usually a mess…  but I never thought about how it saved me.  In Romans 8 the record reflects that we, our person, is both dead and alive.  It says that if Christ is in us…our body is dead because of sin, yet your spirit is alive because of righteousness.   (OK this is a bible lesson…a very short one).

If Christ is in us….we may die a physical death, our body is physical and it wears out, gets crushed, gets old and we die….that is for sure….  However, if Christ is in us,….our spirit is not dead, it is not subject to the physical constraints of age….it is free and alive. 

Now, if Christ is not in us then we are a bloody mess.. we are alive in body for a time, a season, but it is a short season….and then we are physically dead.  Then, not only is our body dead….but we are also dead in our spirit because we are separated from God. 

You see, the opposite occurs if Christ is in us….we are dead to the sin in our lives, those things that constantly mess with us, we mess up on and get physically entangled in…but if we trust Christ….our spirit is eternal and more importantly, our righteousness is not because of us, what  we do or don’t do, what we accomplish or don’t accomplish,…our righteousness is because of Christ….  The substitutionary work He did on the cross for us is what we benefit from…..which is basically a bloody mess. 

Short bible lesson…..we are not our own, we were bought with a price…blood.  A bloody mess.   The price we were  bought with, paid the debt of sin, and although we may physically die,…we will live forever with God. 

300 word short bible lesson.