Bulletproof.  Maybe an oversimplification, but Iwant to make a point.  Now, this is a thinking or pondering post.  Not normally my style. 

I still think about Haiti and the destruction that has occurred.  I think about the statement that Pat Robertson made and is there a thread of truth about it, (Haiti being under a curse)  and I wonder about parallels in the bible.  The destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah is one example mentioned in the Pat Robertson post.  But, only one person and his family made it out…….Lot.  Again, this is mentioned in an earlier post.   But what about destruction and God’s people and the bible?

Now, again, I am not trying to be too overly deep but there are examples of a whole bunch of destruction, devastation and then death and God’s people not even suffering anything….even with this destruction in the same country as God’s people….as a matter of fact….it was all around God’s people, even in their neighborhood…and they suffered no calamity. This is recorded in Exodus chapter 7-12.  A big read but really neat. 

You see, God set  his people apart from the evil people.  This is recorded in Exodus 11:7 and Exodus 8:22.  It is so striking.  And after all these plagues; God, in Exodus 12:29-30 brought on the worst of it.  All the firstborn in Egypt, the bad place, were killed.  But,…God’s people were spared.  Not even harmed.

So, I still struggle with this destructive, with this judgemental side of God, which I believe is real.  But I also see the redemptive and protective side of God….where all these bad folks were destroyed….(even in the Red Sea too) but even in the midst of destruction, even in the midst of death….God  protects, God preserves his people.  Me and you.  Bulletproof.

If there is death, destruction, devastation all around you……get underneath the covering of God….you will be protected.  You are bulletproof.

This is cool stuff.  There were a lot of links in this post….could last you for days….just digest it.  Take it easy….come back to this post and decide on your own.   louie