Over the weekend one of my daughters went rock climbing where we were hanging out.  It is this 40 foot wall with ropes, and colored rock looking handles where you climb up and ring a bell to show you made it to the top.  Funny thing about this is that I noticed an association between the number of trips my daughter took up the rocks ( = more mental and physical fatigue) and her decision making and her attitude.  More trips up equalled more fatigue and an attitude that wanted to give up. 

Kind of like me after getting run through the ringer at work before I come home.  The more trips up the wall of problems, of issues to solve, of unhappy customers and the pressure of keeping things in touch makes me fatigued.  Then I get home and the more homework rock walls, the more supper and getting lunches made rock wall and the more little petty arguments I have to resolve rock wall….then I sit at the computer and do  bills…rock wall…..and I get worn out….and want to give up….. and…of course I think about my faith and how many times I seem to fail……  Then I tend to make not so good decisions and tend to want to give up.  You ever get like that?

Romans 5:3 says that we should be glad when we are under pressure, when we are on a rock wall struggling hard….because pressure, affliction and hardship…..struggling on the red pegs on a rock wall…..produces…..well,…endurance.  I think I need some endurance.  I saw my daughter just hang on…..make some bad decisions on the course….but….she rung the bell. She endured and won despite fatigue and pressure.   That is what I want to do….get to the top and ring the bell.