I confess.  I like Sienfeld.  OK maybe not Christian squeak clean.  I am working on that.  I also know that Sienfeld is no longer in production….like Andy Griffin, like Gomer Pyle, like The Unit….but I like these 3 shows…..and I like Rodeo on VS network on Sunday nights.  Ok.  Confession over. 

So, Kramer is afraid of these 2 guys.  It is a facade.  Satan’s job, as described in John 1o:10 is to steal, kill and destroy. 

Is Satan talking to you?  Don’t be afraid because Jesus says that He has come that you can have life…..and have it abundantly. 

Don’t be afraid of unemployment, by sickness, by inferiority, by challenges…understand that God has overcome that.  You got something you are battling with?  Got something  you are struggling with?  Don’t let Satan scare you off. Jesus has overcome that.