Doesn’t seem to go together?  You are correct.  They don’t….unless you are a 4 year old little boy.  Then it seems to make sense. 

My youngest child, Tyler, is 4.  He found the special and unusual  light bulb I set on the table to take to the hardware store to find out how to replace it.  He found the hammer I had on my tool belt in the garage.  The hammer and the light bulb met….much to the dismay of the light bulb.  And, of course, the light bulb went all over the living room floor.  About 200 pieces.

Now, a few  years ago, I would have been a stern, teach a lesson…..maybe even time out….maybe even cross comments about why this could happen.  Bad looks and the whole thing.   But God has changed my outlook on this sort of stuff…..because….as I examine my life….I realize…..I have busted a bunch of lightbulbs in my life too…. Maybe not literally…. but figuratively.  Like when I spoke crossly to my niece the other day,… like when I made the crude joke at work….like when I judged the guy that I don’t really like… when I did not deal with my children like I really wanted to….well….glass all over the floor im my life.   And when I realized what I did….well, God just reminded me of His love for me and I repented…and I apologized to the ones I offended.   Dust busted the glass on the floor.

My little boy cried when he knew he did wrong.  So, …. I got him out of the danger zone of all the broken glass. (it was everywhere)  I sat him on a chair and let him watch me pick up the broken glass….like God has with me….. and he said, “I’m sorry daddy”, and it was over.

1 John 1:9 says that he is faithful and just to forgive us of all unrighteousness.  I am glad because I have broken a lot of lightbulbs.