Not zone but man on man.  That is where the personalities come out.  The storied matchups occur.  Ones like Bird and Magic…for a good while.  Zone you sort of just work the areas and slots.  You can pull over and help another player.  But man on man…you get to see how things work.  Strengths and weaknesses come out pretty strong.

In 2 Timothy, Paul, a great early church leader, who was even before that and early church hater, was in prison for his activities for the Lord.  Paul is telling his close friend and helper, Timothy, what to do.  Paul from prison tells Timothy, “the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses, entrust to faithful men who will also be able to teach others.”

Timothy was to go man on man, to find strengths and weaknesses, to go heads up and and see that they are faithful so these men can teach others….more man on man.  It took time and dedication.  It took effort.  This is still an effective model today. Man on man  (and by extension woman by woman).  Men and women… many people are we getting with to share the stuff Paul was wanting Timothy to share…….Jeusus?

So, I  have to check my life and look at if I am playing zone defense/offense or man to man.  My experience has been that man to man is harder to get into but once there, it is easier to expose needed areas of change in lives.  When I did a lot of zone,….well, I just f loated and really had no area of responsibility.  It wasn’t my fault.

Has God been laying some issues in front or around you that you may have skirted in a  zone defense state of mind?  Or has god made clear some stuff he wants you to  handle….man to man?