Ever wonder about God and social media?  I mean, does God know about all this stuff,….with his grey hair….long beard….contemplative look….and serene setting in heaven?  I mean….isn’t he busy with hymn books, commandments and judgment and all that heavy stuff?

Scriptures say that the Lord knows the thoughts of man.  The Psalms say that God should search us and know our thoughts.  The prophet says that God’s thoughts are not our thoughts.  He further says that God knows our works and our thoughts.  There are many instances…here are just a few, where the scriptures say that Jesus knew our thoughts….here is just a few…1, 2, 3, 4…

So, is God interested in our social media?  I would say that he is.  I got an email from a very good friend and work associate today that expressed a need to pray for families of 2 recently deceased friends of his….I love it when someone asks me to pray for stuff…because I can be in agreement with them.  I can become involved in their lives where I know they want intervention.  I can post on their spiritual facebook.  I can spiritually tweet them.  I can spiritually email them…. I can get into their spiritual email.

You see….God is in every aspect of our lives.  I was driving home yesterday and a lady called me on my cell phone and said that they wanted me to pray for them over the phone……  it is soooo cool that we can use technology….social media….to join with God.

Do not limit God in your life.  Do not limit how you think about God.  Do not think that you can only interact with God in church or in some religious setting.  Use the net, social media, twitter, facebook, email, cell phones, texts, to show the power of God in your life.  And if you have to, as my Pastors would say….use words.