They are shuffling their schedule.  Leno took over the wildly popular spot of Johnny Carson.  Leno did well.  Then,  Leno moved from the Johnnie Carson spot, (he took over from Carson) and Leno moved to an earlier spot.  An almost prime time later night spot.  Conan O’Brien moved to the old Leno spot.  In the new later prime time spot….well,… Leno did not do so good!  Ever made a transition and not do so good.  I have done a lot of them and wish I had a do over.

Shuffling leadership is common.  Look at many of the corporations today.  Look at many of the college and pro teams both in football and basketball.  Jimbo took over for Bobby.  I still wonder about that one.  AIG, GM, ….. a whole bunch of corporations and teams.

Saul was a King of Israel.  The nation wanted a king and Samuel anointed Saul as King……but….it is lonesome at the top and usually treacherous.  Saul did not do what he was supposed to do and got the boot.  Up comes David.

I guess what I want to say here is that your existence here is tenuous.  Your ability to lead is great.  You may be a mother, daughter, father, son, …… you may be a boss or a worker….you may be a husband or wife…..I do not know your station in life but I do know that God  has a purpose for your life. 

You need to take the leadership that God has given you seriously.  Commit your life to the Lord and move in His power.  Do not hesitate in  2010 and do what God has for you t0 do. 

Want me to pray for you….. just email me at just like you have been doing and I will pray for you.