Not a good thing usually but Jesus got his spit, mixed it with some dirt and rubbed it in this cat’s eyes.  Now, this guy had been blind from birth and the religious big dogs of the time felt that he or his parents must have done something bad or else he would be able to see.  (see John 9 and Luke 13).  Doesn’t that seem like us today too?  Someone has liver disease, heart disease, high cholesterol, cancer, been in a car wreck, out of work, homeless….a whole host of things or something else because they did something wrong?  Scriptures tell us that “stuff” happens to both good and bad.

Jesus got some spit and dirt.  Put it in this guys eyes….then told him to go wash it off in a pool called Siloam…..which was a rocky pool inside the walls of Jerusalem and was fed by a tunnel from this spring outside of Jerusalem.  It was put there by an old king as a strategy to keep the city safe in case enemies cut off the city and the city did not have water.  The pools name means….. “sent”.

Jesus was sent to this blind man to spit dirt in his eyes and heal him.  The blind man was send to this pool named “sent” to wash the spit out and be healed.  This guy was no more a sinner than any of us.  He was just born blind. 

Jesus was sent to us to heal us.  He was sent by this old king….to save us. We are to wash in the water of the word, to wash in his blood.  When we are all messed up, either physically or spiritually….we are no worse of a sinner than anyone else….. the fact remains that if we trust in Jesus… matter what….we can be saved, healed, delivered.