This cat named Abram was an old guy.  He was supposed to be a guy that there would be descendants from him as numerous as the stars in the sky.  Only problem was that he was about 80 or so at the time.  So,  the scriptures say that God came to him, while he was in his tent and brought him out of his tent…… then God showed him the stars in the sky and again told him that he would be the father of many nations.  Old man, old way.

I was backpacking last year in the Carolinas and it was at a time that the moon was not up during the night.  It was also, at least for a few nights,….clear and cold.  We were many many miles from any major population center and absolutely no concentration of urban lights.  My brother was supposed to come with me but had to cancel at the last minute due to work.  So, I went without him and really felt it was a time for God to speak to me.  It was so cold I did not want to get out of my tent….but when I did…I was treated to a huge display of stars in a pitch black night.  I felt like Abram.

Abram had to get out of his tent….out of his familiar, comfortable surroundings…out of his comfort zone….and in the dark…by the way….. like me in the cold, 6000 feet up at on Mount Sterling with people I did not the middle of the night… in order to see what God had for him.

You in your comfort zone in this new year?  You in your warm, familiar place this year?  And….is God calling you out of the tent?  You see,…you may have to get a little uncomfortable to get where God wants you…come out of your tent.  God will show you the stars.