Ever wonder how God works?  I mean, how he just bobs and weaves all through the world to accomplish what he wants in our lives?   It is like…Shazam…

Quite a few  years ago….just before a near death experience I did not know I was going to have…..I re-committed my life to Christ.  I just gave it up to God.  My friends thought I had gone crazy…some bailed out on me and my wife just looked on at amazement at the new me.   Shortly after that…..I was almost killed.  I will post on that later sometime.  It is neat….  But since then….I have really seen God working.  I have seen the Shazam of God.

Saw it today.  Just today….freezing…20 degree temps in Florida…..I remembered a buddy of mine… Eric… that lives a very meager life…. but is a hard-core Christian.  Knows the bible like he wrote it.  Trusts God totally… But he does not have a heater in his house.  I mentioned that at lunch with some folks….who had heaters….and I all of a sudden had enough money to get him warm.  I looked all over for an electric blanket or space heater…but could not find one.  Sold out everywhere we looked.  But I found a sleeping bag that fit the bill exactly.  And the money I had donated to me by the group was within about 30 cents of what I needed.  I had one of the donaters with me…..she saw it too……that is…..she saw how God works…and met the need of just one person.  Eric.

Eric just called me and told me that the sleeping bag was, “just what he needed.”  He said he would sleep tonight in comfort!  Ever wonder how God works?  It is just amazing.  Shazam.