Not John Calvin……..but young Calvin…..  check him out on Twitter.

I have always had this idea of what a homeless person was.  Disheveled, lot of clothes in one place, maybe drug and alcohol dependent…..maybe dirty and not happy….never a real smile and of course…..smelly. 

Today’s reality of homelessness is different.  It includes kids…..most often no fault of their own……or their parent or parents.  Now, sometimes it is clearly the parents fault…..but not always. 

It was bone chilling, record breaking cold last night and I wanted you to see someone that I spoke to last night at Port Orange First United Methodist Church.  Calvin and his mom.  My buddy Mike does this at his church. 

Being involved with Mike and responding to God’s call to be involved, has changed my hard mindset and outlook on homelessness overall.  I wonder where young Calvin will be sleeping tonight….and I wonder when he will realize ………..he is homeless?