We were in the Carolinas for the last week.  We had a good time but it was cold.  I was out of blackberry contact and I took a special air card and wireless antenna so that I could be  hooked up and not miss anything.  The blackberry did not work good and the air card and antenna did not work.  So rather than do blogs, check up on the blogosphere and keep current on the news…. I watched the kids tubing on ice, fed ducks, play in the snow and we just messed around.  And I got a chance to really just not be distracted by the phone and email and seek God. 

Mark 1:35 talks about Jesus getting up early in the morning and going to a solitary place to pray.  I guess that Jesus turned off his blackberry, his Iphone, his email, his blogs, his tweets, his facebook ….. and I can’t see him having a myspace…but he got away from it all to pray. 

You see, I knew that I could not get wired up…..no matter how much I tried….and I really did the first few days.  But despite how hard I tried….I was just unplugged.  Nancy mentioned it in the response to a previous post.  And  yes, God had been telling me to unplug.  Jesus did it.  As I did it, ….. it was refreshing.  Like a good fast.  Like a great hot shower….

I am not a new year’s resolution person but God is speaking to me about unhooking more and getting up early to seek  him and to pray.

Good to be back.  louie