Ok.  I am going to share an addiction with you.  I have battled with this for a couple of years now.  Thought I could beat it but I guess I need to just deal with it.  My folks at work are convinced I need help.  Now, this is not as compelling as Tiger but…..I am addicted to technology and being hooked up. 

Me and the family left Christmas Day to head to North Carolina.  A week vacation.  My Blackberry went down and I could not figure it out.  I can call and stuff but the data side is messed up.  Got it fixed, I thought for sure Christmas Eve but….. not totally apparently.  Now, I am grabbing a wireless network in a small town to hook up…..because the air card for my lap top …….  well, it is not working either.  I want to surf the net to see the exact spots I want to hike up here…needed this to find the nearest movie theater….was looking for Chimney Rock but …..no techno.   

I guess ….  on this vacation…..  well, I should vacate.  No berry and no lap top to blog this week.  So, I am really sorry about not being able to share what the Lord is speaking to me about this week….so I guess I will unplug from technology for a week.  I wonder how it will be.  I will be back around just after New Year’s…and if I can find a spot or figure out the air card….if not.  See you in a week or so.