You ever been a day late and a dollar short…..Joseph, Mary and Jesus were! 

Joseph was headed to Bethlehem to register for one of those Roman head counts.  He had in tow….a young pregnant teenager, some historians put her at about 13.   He was not married to her, rather just “engaged” and he was looking for a place to stay.  He got into town and there was…. no room at the inn.    No Vacancy!  This is recorded in Luke 2.   He was a day late and a dollar short.  You ever been there?  Family, society or maybe even the church turn their back on you.  Happened here too!

A young family, not married, pregnant, having to stay in a stable.  Stables were usually hewn into rock and had cow crud, sheep crud …. maybe some pee in there too….. just a stinky place to be.  That is where Jesus was born.  That is where he wants to be today.  Stinky places. 

Jesus wants in the stinky places of our lives.  He wants to get into the places that…..well, no one else wants to get into.  I mean, we ask….how are you doing, how is it going….but we really do not want to know…..we want superficial, if we are honest…..we do not want to get into the dirty places….  But Jesus does.

Jesus wants in those dirty areas of our lives.  He wants to get in there and change things.   The real question is… you have room at your inn for Jesus?  You see,…he wants in our lives.  He desires to change our lives.  But…do we have room for him?  Any vacancy in our lives for Jesus?  He has room for us.  John 14 says that his father has a house with many rooms and that he goes to get it ready for us.  We do not have to be a day late and a dollar short.  Jesus has it covered for us.