Yes, Coontie.  It is a palm but my mom and dad always called them a coontie fern.  The plant is a wonderful hearty green plant.  Great for landscaping.  It has beautiful bright orange seeds that you can plant that produces the fern or palm……but they take so darn long to grow….. years to make a mature plant.

I had an opportunity to be with a really good old friend tonight.  Had not really sat and talked with him for many years.  We worked together for 20 years and sort of drifted apart.  He always was and still is a successful professional.  We shared for over 2 hours.  Just sweet.

He told me of a time, more than 15 years ago when I had bugged him to come to a bible study.  It never worked out for us to go together but he told me tonight that because of my planting the seed with him…sharing it with him so very long ago,…..that he reads his bible every day.  A coontie seed planted.

Scripture says that we plant and that God makes the changes.  (and this is a cool scripture..check out how it says it) 

Life is like coontie.  It is a process.  Maybe a long process that God is working out in our lives.  This relationship with God takes time.  Give it time.  Once it starts growing… is beautiful.  Coontie Life.  cool